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So here it is at last!  The Levellers first ever fine art print, suitably celebrating our first album and its dramatic sleeve.

 Jeremy says...

It’s the whole piece (not just the detail on the “weapon” cover) at actual size, from a screen made from the last ever printing of the original woodblocks.

And this isn’t just any old screen-print made with the finest quality materials but one actually made entirely by Charlie and myself.


The print run is strictly limited to 47 - numbered and signed by both of us - and if you watch this video of us trying to produce it you’ll see why!

 It literally took us weeks of trying different inks, screens and papers. Basically a lot of intense work! But so worth it, we hope you agree; Charlie and I are hugely pleased with how it’s come out and invite you to get one quickly...we can't go through that again! x

 PLEASE NOTE: Due to current restrictions and limited availability, these prints are only available in the UK