2015   A Curious Life (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2011   Levelling the Land Live (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2006   Chaos Theory Live (On The Fiddle Recordings)

1996   Best Live - Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers (China)

1992   The Great Video Swindle - Live at Glasgow Barrowlands, 11/92 (China)


2021   The Lockdown Sessions (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2020   Peace (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2020   Glastonbury '92 (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2019   Glastonbury '94 (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2019   Hello Pig + Rockpalast '00 (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2019   Mouth To Mouth + Brixton '97 (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2019   Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2018   Zeitgeist + Zeitgeist Live '95 (On The Fiddle Recordings) 

2018   Levellers + Levellers Live '93 (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2018   We The Collective (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2016   Levelling The Land (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2015   Live at Union Chapel (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2015   Live In Dublin (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2015   Live at Berlin Lido (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2014   Greatest Hits (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2013   Levelling The Land Live (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2013   Chaos Theory Live (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2012   Static On The Airwaves (On the Fiddle Recordings)

2010   A Weapon Called The Word (On The Fiddle Recordings) 

2009   Live at the Royal Albert Hall (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2008   Letters from the Underground  (On The Fiddle Recordings)

2005   Truth & Lies  (Eagle)

2002   Green Blade Rising  (Eagle)

2001   Special Brew (Hag)

2000   Hello Pig  (China)

2000   See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Do Something 2  (Hag)

1998   One Way of Life: The Very Best of The Levellers  (China)

1997    Mouth to Mouth  (China)

1996    Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers (China)

1995    Zeitgeist (China)

1993    Levellers (China)

1992    See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Do Something (China)

1991    Levelling The Land (China)

1990   A Weapon Called The Word (Musidisc) 


2020   Generation Fear

2020   Calling Out

2020   Food Roof Family

2018   The Shame

2017   Drug Bust McGee

2014   Just The One (feat. Bellowhead)

2014   Beautiful Day (feat. Imelda May)

2014   Hope St. (feat. Billy Bragg)

2014   Dirty Davey (McDermott's v Levellers)

2014   Carry Me (EP)

2013   The Recruiting Sergeant (EP)

2012   We Are All Gunmen

2012   After The Hurricane

2012   Truth Is

2008   Before the End

2008   Burn America Burn

2008   A Life Less Ordinary / The Cholera Well

2005   Last Man Alive

2005   Make U Happy

2003   Wild As Angels

2002   Come On

2000   Happy Birthday Revolution

1999   One Way

1998   Bozos

1998   Too Real

1997   Dog Train

1997   Celebrate

1997   What a Beautiful Day

1996   Exodus (Live)

1995   Just the One (EP)

1995   Fantasy

1995   Hope Street

1994   Julie (EP)

1993   This Garden

1993   Belaruse

1992   Fifteen Years

1991   Far From Home

1991   One Way

1990   Together All the Way

1990   World Freak Show

1989   Outside Inside

1989   Carry Me (EP)


1989   An Agreement Of The People (10 tracks. 500 only. Sold at gigs. 2/89)  (Own label)

1988   All the Free Commons of England (6 tracks, 500 only. Sold at gigs. 2/88)  (Own label) 



Part Time Punx

Zeitgeist Home Movie

2001 - A Levs Odyssey


Liberty Song (7" Pic Disc)

We Are All Dubmen (Digital)

Our Forgotten Towns (Digital)

Raft of the Medusa (Digital)

A Life Less Ordinary (Digital)

A Life Less Ordinary / The Cholera Well

Chaos Theory (EP)

Live 1992 EP (12")

On The Fiddle EP (12")


Zeitgeist Outtakes

Subway Songs

Hello Pig The Offal

Drunk In Public

Too Drunk In Public

The Muddy Road To Invergarry

Going Underground

Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Chaos Theory Live

Live at Union Chapel

Live In Dublin

Live at Berlin Lido


OTF Recordings Sampler

Brighton Rock


Waking The World

Fire In The House

State Of The Union