Levelling The Land

LEVELLING THE LAND is the Levellers most famous album.

Featuring the singles One Way, Fifteen Years and Far From Home along with the anthems Sell Out and Battle Of The Beanfield, it went on to sell over 300,000 copies in the UK alone

JEREMY: A year after Weapon was released, with Simon newly in the band, our new record label sent us into the luxurious Ridge Farm studios to make Levelling The Land.

All our friends came to live at the studio with us in their vehicles 'cos it had a pool!!.

We asked Al Scott to produce it, having heard his work with Ruff Ruff & Ready – tho’ he insists he’d seen us at the Marquee and had approached our label for the gig himself…so, a bit of synchronicity!

We’d improved enough by then to make recording pretty easy and straightforward.

  1. "One Way"
  2. "The Game" 
  3. "Fifteen Years" 
  4. "The Boatman" 
  5. "Liberty Song" 
  6. "Far From Home" 
  7. "Sell Out" 
  8. "Another Man's Cause"
  9. "The Road" 
  10. "The Riverflow" 
  11. "Battle of the Beanfield"