Truth & Lies

TRUTH & LIES features the singles Make You Happy and Last Man Alive along with lesser known songs like Confess and Steel Knife, which still sound great.

JEREMY: This came off the back of a year's worth of acoustic touring - originally it was gonna be sounding more like that but producer, Mark Wallis suggested the more electric version ….

Recorded in his studio in London, not Metway, it was hard work!.

I’m amazed we got anything done we were all so burnt out. Other than that I don’t remember much about it!

  1. "Last Man Alive" 
  2. "Make You Happy" 
  3. "Confess" 
  4. "For Us All" 
  5. "Knot Around the World" 
  6. "Steel Knife" 
  7. "Wheels" 
  8. "Said and Done" 
  9. "Who's the Daddy" 
  10. "The Damned" 
  11. "Sleeping"